10 Tips of Building Strong Relationship

We have entered into relationships since the stone age, what we have not been able to accomplish yet is healthy strong relationships. We do have some out there but from a National standpoint , there are very few. What exactly is a strong relationship? It is a relationship where there are two people working together towards a common goal. It is not abusive in any manner. It is talking things out and coming to a common compromise, there are no winners because you worked together. So what does it take to build that strong relationship? Here are some tips.

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Tip # 1

Trust is everything. Without trust there will be no relationship. You can have a shell of a relationship but there will be nothing truly there. Think about all the people you know that question their spouse about every little detail of the day. This is not trust. Trust is vital for any relationship to become strong and everlasting.

Tip # 2

Honesty. Where does a relationship go without honesty? No one truly wants a relationship based on lies. Even white lies will eventually turn into great big lies that forever need to be covered up. Be honest with your spouse at all costs. I can personally see no reason for any lie in a relationship. Lies are like a poisonous gas that will silently kill your relationship.

Tip # 3

Spending time together. Sounds easy right? Think again, with the hustle and bustle of this world it is extremely hard to make time for anyone in your life. Sometimes you have a tendency to forget that the other person is there. Do not let this happen to you. Always make time to spend with that special person in your life.

Tip # 4

Forgiveness. Forgiveness is essential for a strong relationship. Now , I am not saying to forgive unfaithfulness, for that there is none. What I am saying is to learn to forgive your mate’s quick tongue every now and then. Sometimes we get into moods and say things we really don’t mean. As long as this does not happen everyday or even every week , take the time to find it in your heart to forgive your mate.

Tip # 5

Don’t fight. Disagreements are going to happen. There is no doubt about that. Steer away from fighting. Fighting only fuels the fire and we always end up saying something that we really don’t mean. Hurtful things happen when we fight, stay as far away from that as possible.

Tip # 6

Agree to disagree. I have found this is extremely important in a relationship. We know that not every couple is going to agree on everything . What successful couples do is agree to disagree. If it is not a life threatening matter then just let it go. It is alright to not agree on everything , we would not be human if we did. That is what robots do.

Tip # 7

Compromise. Ah, where would this world be without compromise? Nowhere is the answer. That is exactly where your relationship will end up if you do not practice compromise. We have to understand that we will not agree on everything and when you just can not agree to disagree you must compromise.

Tip # 8

Communication. This is a vital key to your relationship becoming strong. How are we to know what our spouse is thinking or what is going on in their life if there is no communication. Did you know that most arguments or disagreements between couples generally stems from a lack of communication?

Tip # 9

Listen. Always give your spouse your full attention and really listen to what they are saying to you. There is nothing more annoying than talking to someone’s back. Listening when your spouse has something to say or a gripe is 100% vital to a strong relationship. this goes back to the communication, without it there is nothing.

Tip # 10

Make Love. No matter how much life gets in the way make time for intimacy between you and your spouse. It has been said that your sex life with your spouse directly corresponds with your success rate as a couple. It is true. When you are intimate with your spouse , be in that moment. Don’t be a million miles away in your mind, turn yourself over completely to the intimacy.

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