Mental Transformation of your mind.

Mental Transformation of your Mind.

  • Nothing changes until your mind changes.
  • You can change your clothes and still have the old mind.
  • You can change your location and still have the old mind.
  • You can change your house and still have the old mind

Nothing changes until your MIND CHANGES

Your mind is the seat of your reasoning and comprises your will, Intellect and
Emotions. Your will is your ability to make choices and decisions; your intellect relates to your
ability to understand objectively.

Your thoughts fuel your emotions. If you THINK negatively about yourself, you will FEEL badly about yourself. If you focus on the negative in your lives, your lives will seem to have a negative

It’s about what you focus on the most that determines how you feel. When you have a negative experience, say someone upset you and internalised it, your mood can continue to spiral down as you ponder about it. Not just for the moment but for the rest of the day.

Even worse, as your attitude tends to attract most of your experiences, feeling negative will continue to attract inconsiderate people into your day.

WE behold what we think. If we think positive thoughts, we become magnets for positive people and situations.

Though it seems impossible, we can control our emotions. We can choose our feelings, moment to moment. And we begin that by choosing our thoughts. Remember, your thought is potent and travels 930,000 times faster than your words. Thoughts become things! Everything you think, and give attention to, becomes a part of your life sooner or later. Be careful what you think.

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