Why Character is necessary to build a relationship

Why character is necessary to build a relationship

A good character sustains every relationship. What is Character? Character is a commitment to a set of values without compromise – that is, you don’t lower your standard as a person of Character. Your values are the things you value. Your values produce Character. If you value your relationship with someone, you will be truthful, trustworthy, and not cheat or lie. For example, if

Mental Transformation of your mind.

Mental Transformation of your Mind.

Nothing changes until your mind changes. You can change your clothes and still have the old mind. You can change your location and still have the old mind. You can change your house and still have the old mind Nothing changes until your MIND CHANGES Your mind is the seat of your reasoning and comprises your will, Intellect andEmotions. Your will is your ability

Nothing Is Wrong, But Nothing Is Right Either

Some time ago I had a client share with me that when it comes to her marriage, “nothing was wrong, but nothing was right either!” I thought about that for some time and realized that a great majority of couples have come to a ‘new normal’ called Relationship Purgatory. They exist together with the sole purpose of not pissing each other off! What kind

10 Tips of Building Strong Relationship

We have entered into relationships since the stone age, what we have not been able to accomplish yet is healthy strong relationships. We do have some out there but from a National standpoint , there are very few. What exactly is a strong relationship? It is a relationship where there are two people working together towards a common goal. It is not abusive in

It’s a Good Time to Be a Relationship Coach

Whether dating or divorcing, people are turning to coaches for their goal-oriented approach, which can deliver structure and achievements at a time when both may be lacking. Sofia Montijo’s first two-hour phone call with Samantha Burns in November 2020 was spent assessing Ms. Montijo’s love life. From then through May 2021, the women, who each live in Boston, focused on Ms. Montijo’s mostly unsuccessful